How to get started

New Zealand Hydrographic Authority is offering a "free to choose, free to use" official NZ ENCs. Easy to follow steps are available below to provide you with information required when registering with the NZ ENC Service.

You will need to have:

  1. A navigation system that is IHO S-63 compatible. Please refer to the fact sheet IHO S-63 compliant Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for further information.
  2. Your navigation system's unique 'S-63 User Permit'. The permit must follow the standard format, i.e. hexidecimal, 28 characters. (You may need to consult your system's user manual to find the location). 

Please refer to the fact sheet Electronic Charts, ECDIS and ECS explained for further information on these topics.

You will need:

  1. to provide us with some contact details in the online registration form. This will be used to manage your account.
  2. to provide your navigation system's S63 user permit as defined in Step 1 above.

You may add and register multiple navigation systems.
Note: You will need to provide the individual S63 User Permits for all systems you intend to register.


Our ENC data packs.

You have the option to choose from five NZ ENC data packs. For full coverage of New Zealand ENC data packs NZ01 and NZ02. Alternatively, select the ENC data pack that best reflects your area of interest.

  •  NZ01 New Zealand - North Island
  •  NZ02 New Zealand - South Island
  •  NZ03 New Zealand - North Island - Bay of Islands
  •  NZ04 New Zealand - North Island - Auckland Zone
  •  NZ05 New Zealand - Cook Strait
  • NZ06 New Zealand - Inland Waters
  • NZ07 South West Pacific
  • NZ08 Ross Dependency, Antarctica

Subscribing to ENC data pack(s) provides you with:

  1. a 12 month subscription period which is renewable
  2. fortnightly notifications about updates to your ENCs.

Once successfully subscribed, within 3-5 days you will receive notification that your ENC cell permit(s) are available. You will need to login in to your NZ ENC Service account to download the ENC cell permit(s). Your navigation system will look for this cell permit file to read the 'S63 encrypted' NZ ENCs.

  • You will need to download the NZ ENC 'Base file' and load to your system. The 'Base file' is released on a 6 monthly basis. Depending on your system and the number of ENC cells to be installed, the installation of the base file may take some time. For installation instructions, please consult your navigation system manual.  For more information about NZ ENC 'Base file' visit our Download page.
  • After installing the 'Base file', you will then need to download the NZ ENC ‘Update file' and load them into your navigation system. You will need to do this every fortnight if one of the ENCs you are subscribed to is affected by an update.The NZ ENC ‘Update file' is issued every fortnight and you will be notified via email that it is ready for you to download. For more information about NZ ENC 'Update file' visit our Download page.

If you are experiencing difficulty loading an NZ ENC you should first consult your system manual or contact your navigational system distributor. However, if you require ENC product support, please contact us.

Further information on the NZ ENC update service can be found in the Guide to the NZ ENC Update Service fact sheet.

When you subscribe for any NZ ENC pack you are automatically provided with a free fortnightly update service for the duration of your subscription period. You will need to download the NZ ENC Update file and load to your system. This new file is released fortnightly and include Permanent, Temporary and Preliminary Notices to Mariners (NtM).

Further information on the NZ ENC update service can be found in the Guide to the NZ ENC Update Service fact sheet.

NZ ENC updates can be downloaded from the Download page.