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NZ ENCs are encrypted using the IHO S63 Data Protection Scheme. They can be used in IMO compatible ECDIS or in a compatible Electronic Chart System (ECS) which can decrypt IHO S-63 data. Please register to the Service to use ENC data.

It is important to load the latest set of permits when loading base or update data. Failure to load the latest permits corresponding to an update or new base data will deny access to new cells.

Base file: NZENC WK2024-27 BASE

5 July 2024 | 80.66 MB
NZENC base data is released on a six monthly basis (January and July). At the time of their release they include all updates for each ENC cell up to the date of issue. Base data is labelled according to the calendar week the data is released in. For example, an NZENC base released on Friday 11 January 2019 will be labelled “NZENC WK2019-02 BASE”.